Why you should join doublecrostic.com

1) You can try full privileges for a month for just $5!

2) This may be the first time in history that anyone has ever published a new double crostic every day. If you are a fan - encourage me!

3) The web site costs me a great deal of time and a fair amount of money.

4) The security of the database is enhanced by my knowing who is accessing it. This protects all the players.

5) If you crave competition, participate in a speed-solving contest daily. Try to beat all of the other members, if you are so inclined.

6) We also compete for consistent excellence.

7) Some members are totally uninterested in competing, and some are not even interested in solving. But these, the essential members of our community, are the constructors who supply the fun for the rest of us. All members can use the online constructors' software, and receive feedback on their completed puzzles. If you follow our guidelines, you may be surprised to discover that constructing is usually easier than solving a challenging DC.

8) Members have the opportunity to exchange opinions with each other on general topics via the Forum and on specific puzzles via Comments.

9) Even if you contributed $100 a year, that is only $.25 per puzzle, since there are at least 8 per week. And annual contributions of $50 or less are very welcome.

10) Besides being dedicated to a daily classic puzzle, we are also involved in publishing and developing Variety Acrostics. We are the exclusive outlet for Mel Taub Puns&Anagrams DC's. We offer archives of Ken Heiman LyriCrostics and George Jirgal Dicta (word puzzles), both introduced here. We offer Obituary puzzles by Sue Gleason and others. We offer occasional Hot off the Press puzzles, based on just-published material. The archives boast one by Russ Wiggin for every week in 2007!

11) If you think you would enjoy membership, but it is beyond what you can reasonably afford, please purchase a $5 trial membership. When you have used up your 25 puzzles, we can negotiate a reduced rate.

Thanks, Sue Gleason

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